6 Reasons Why Women Should Shave Their Face

There are numerous myths about skincare and beauty routine. From cosmetic surgeries to the makeup you use, people have their own take and opinion. Shaving is also among them. Majority of women prefer to get waxed instead of shaving their bodies. This is because of a myth that states, after shaving hair grows back thicker and darker. But there is no scientific truth to it. Women can opt for the hair removal method without worrying about the thick and dark hair re-growth.

Today, we will share 6 benefits of shaving that you probably are not aware of:

Shaving you face before applying skincare products and makeup gives you a smoother base for the products. Several social media influencers in their makeup videos and tutorials are seen first shaving their faces. Make application is usually easier after shaving.
If you follow a skincare routine, then remember that shaving your face will help skin absorb products better. It is said that the products sink in appropriately.
It is not true that shaving will lead to thicker and darker hair. There might be a possibility that the hair growth is quick but it will not grow thicker.
If you are taking any in-office treatments, the results might just improve. Dermaplaning helps to improve other treatments, as it removes hair and dead skin.
It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin twice a week. Apart from removing hair, shaving also exfoliates the skin. It removes dead skin cells from the superficial skin layers, which leads to smooth and soft skin.
Shave your face and you will witness some immediate change and difference in your skin. It will be healthy and will glow like never before.
However, if you have a sensitive skin or are already exfoliating your face with a face brush, or an exfoliator then shaving might have some harmful effects on your face skin.